About me

Valentine Carré is a French artist who spent the last 10 years living between France and the UK. She graduated from the University of Arts of London with a painting bachelor, in 2020 and is now studying graphic design at ECV, Paris.

Naturally reserved, abstraction gave her room to express herself while experimenting with new mediums and techniques. In her years at Camberwell, she focused her studies on paintings’ conception and composition, she reflected on colour and scale applied to her preferred subject: daily life.

Valentine has a tendency to analyse her surroundings for inspiration and it reflects on her work. Driving her to paint swiftly and work on more than one project at once as to not lose the intensity of her observations. Valentine also makes sure to form clean edges, flat shapes that overlap to create a bigger picture. All the while, making sure to keep dynamism and depth in mind. So, while the shapes are flat they are not bland nor static. As for the mediums, hers are Acrylic paint, posca pens, and silkscreen. Acrylic gives her the ability to experiment with different technical paths and play with the intensity of colours (iridescent, fluorescent, phosphorescent paint, Black 3.0), and posca pens for their thickness and covering properties. While silkscreen allows the freedom to create in abundance, to place and rearrange the shapes and patterns she draws, to find the best balance between composition and colour coordination.

Continuing on her creative journey while diverting to graphic design, she created La Manche, a fanzine, which she curates and leads, linking people from France and the UK around one subject. Her first issue came out during the confinement and, is using it as an opportunity to let the artists chosen to express their views on the subject.

A variety of her works are showcased on this website, you will be able to find some projects created during her painting studies, as well as graphic design projects.

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